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The iTech Methodology

At iTech, we adhere to three guiding principles—Transparency, Integrity, and Honesty—in approaching every project and every client interaction.


Transparency: We provide transparency in our management processes and with our data management tools. We strive to prevent issues from happening by using well-defined, well-disciplined processes based on a scientific approach. If an issue does arise, we provide full transparency and work with our clients to prevent the issue from happening again. Our technology tools provide unrivaled workflow insight that enables clients to know where their data is and what is happening to it at all times.


Integrity: We are committed to a process of continual improvement in every facet of our business. We track quality metrics, provide our teams with the training and tools they need, and continually challenge them to exceed existing benchmarks. We work diligently to understand customer expectations. Once metrics have been set we put multi-level checks in place to ensure consistent results.


Honesty: At iTech, we excel at clear and straightforward communications with customers to establish project expectations and the deliverables to be met that match those expectations. From our CEO to every iTech employee, the motto, "Do what you say and say what you're going to do" is well known, repeated, and understood. Our clients have access to our entire process, delivery, project, and management team members. Every member of the iTech team understands client needs and expectations, and can provide accurate and immediate insight into the processes they handle.