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Data Services Infrastructure


iTech has built and deployed a secure and versatile global infrastructure that can quickly and seamlessly integrate our custom data solutionss into your day-to-day operations. We have combined the strength of our data services expertise and methodology with


OCR: The iTech intelligent Optical Character Recognition system quickly and efficiently processes structured and unstructured documents. The OCR system can be a cloud-based iTech supported solution or hosted on a secure iTech server.


Snippet-based Keying Platform: Our Snippet-based Keying Platform provides additional layers of security that extend beyond sight, server, and local machine, when needed. The platform ensures that data exposed to members of our offshore keying team is presented out of context for correction and then recompiled in context for return to our clients, maintaining both confidentiality and data integrity.


File Transformation Engine: The iTech File Transformation System can return processed data to customers in any electronic format and schema so it can be used immediately. The system automates the transformation of data uploads ensuring plug and play data usage. In addition, the file transformation engine can provide the same data to all of the legacy systems that need to use it.


Epromis Quality Management System: From the time we receive client data to the time we return it to them our Epromis Quality Management System (QMS) allows clients and iTech management to track its progress using a simple dashboard. Extensive QMS reporting features allow us to quickly identify and address any quality issue or bottleneck.


Security: iTech is SAS 70 Type II certified and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant. You can be confident that we're as committed to keeping your data secure as you are, and that we can delivery on that commitment.