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Our philosophy is simple.

iTech India is a dream turned into reality by people who are passionate about achieving greater heights in professional life and believe in true relationship with clients who strive to achieve simillar goals. The success of iTech India is based upon its four pillars



Customized Solutions : "Horses for Courses". We understand that what is suitable for one customer or client might be unsuitable for another.

Focus on FTHR : We understand the importance of delivering quality product in timely manner. We constantly strive to achieve quality with and increase our FTHR ratio by providing adequate training, processes and creating the right kind of checks and balances.

Fall Back Mechanism : We know and understand that we do not work in an utopian environment and are always prepared with a robust fall back mechanism in case of contingencies.



Regular Updates : We do not believe in having a corporate veil when it comes to dealing with our clients and customers. We always try to make sure that you have a visibility on how, when and where your project is.

Contingencies : We believe in working for and with the client. Therefore we make it a point to inform the clients as soon as contingencies arise and give regular feed backs to them on the progress so that they are rest assured that their project is in safe hands and in spite of contingencies their project will be delivered in time.

Accessability : We understand that as a client you deserve to know the status of your project as and when required. That is why we provide full and unconditional access of our technical/delivery teams to you so that you can get in touch with them on need basis.



Always in touch with you : We do not want you to feel that you are left alone without the knowledge of what is happening to your projects. That is we make sure that you as our clients have 24X7 access to our technical/account managers.

Set the right expectations : We believe in accepting our limitations and showcasing our strength to our clients in a clear manner. We deliver what we promised to deliver and clearly define what we are going to do.

Key to Partnership building : We realize that affective communication is the key to building a long term relationship with our clients. Therefore we make sure that all channels of communications are open and are affective.



Contract and management : We understand the importance of hiring people who have a local flavor of that particular region. That is why we believe in the concept of having local account managers for local contracts.

True partnership approach : We do not believe in short term relationship. We strive on having a strong and long term partnership with our clients.