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What we do. The best way we know how.


If we don't know it, we don't do it.

We at iTech India love new challenges but not at the cost of quality. We do not venture deep into unknown and unchartered teritories when it comes to applying new approaches for achieving success. We have our own time tested 3C4 approach, which has become our USP and has been the pivotal reason for our success over the years.



Our 3C4 Approach

Unlike other companies who believe that Ends is more important than the Means of achieving it", we at iTech India believe that how we deliver is more important than what we deliver. We believe in delivering what we have promised. This where the 3C4 approach, the core of our success comes into picture. The three 'C's that we bring to the table are

Competence: iTech India's employees are industry experts. We hire, train and retain the best.


Clarity: We believe in clearly defining our scope of work and clearly define our approach and our timelines.


Communication: We understand that communication and dialogue is a two way process. So we listen to your needs carefully and clearly communicate our progress through out the project.


4th C(Cost Optimization): A perfect mix of the three C's mentioned above leads to cost optimization to our client's project by minimizing budget and avoiding delays, which becomes our 4th C in our 3C4 approach.


We adapt our 3C4 approach in all that we offer: Professional Services, Data Services, and Mobile Services.