Data Services for Retail Industry

With the advent of globalization the the retail industry concept has changed from being localized to being globalized. Each and every player in the retail industry is trying to tap into the vast potential of opportunity that is available due to the concept of globalization. The biggest challenge that the retailers face in the world of globalization is customer retention. With so many options available to choose from it is very easy for a customer or a client to switch their loyalty. iTech India understands the importance of strengtheing customer loyalty and retaining clients. With the help of experience and time teted methodologies in the field of retail industry we are able to help retail companies strengthen their customer loyalty programs. We have been able to successfully implement programs and strategies that helps our clients in cutting costs and increasing revenues. iTech India believes in cohesive growth and that can be achieved only by recurring interaction with the existing clients and potential customers.


iTech Retail solutions Include:
  • Loyalty Forms Processing
  • Loyalty Database Management Solutions
  • Order Processing and Fulfillment
  • NCOA (National Change of Address) and Database Hygiene
  • Scanning, Data Capture, OCR (optical character recognition)
  • Customer Correspondence and Advanced Customer Service Solutions
  • Loyalty Card Fulfillment Services.